The Johns Hopkins Program in Applied Genomics leads the way in ushering in a new era of biomedical discovery. Supplementing current traditional methods of hypothesis-driven scientific investigation, applied genomics stand ready to greatly expand biomedical research through data-driven methods of discovery. The Johns Hopkins Program in Applied Genomics, by virtue of its strong multidisciplinary approach and strong clinical programs, is a leader in the application and development of these promising new genomic tools to investigations of human disease.

October 2, 2000
Bethesda, MD: NHLBI Launches Genomic Applications Initiative. The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) has launched a major initiative to advance genomic research related to heart, lung, blood, and sleep health and disorders. On September 30, the NHLBI issued grants totaling $37 million to establish 11 Programs for Genomic Applications (PGAs). The purpose of the PGAs is to identify the human genes particularly relevant to heart, lung, blood, and sleep functions. The NHLBI initiative will apply and expand upon the data and technologies developed to map and sequence the human genome. Full story...

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